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Hey, I’m Christina!  

I’m a product designer currently based in Detroit. I’m passionate about working on solutions that solve real-world problems, promote inclusivity, and ultimately, bring people together.

My curiosity has led me to wear different hats. At Swarthmore College, I studied psychology and political science because I was fascinated by people and culture. As an undergrad, I worked at the United Nations researching and publishing communication materials on how climate change affects different communities. I interviewed ambassadors from around the world to understand what their pain points were and what strategies they were proposing to address these issues.

While I loved being able to help solve complex problems, conduct research, and learn more about the world through a humanitarian lens, I felt like the work I was doing lacked an integral part of what was important to me: creativity.

I decided to try something new and was lucky to land an assistant stylist position in NYC, working for stylist and creative director, Tony Irvine. Together, we created moodboards and worked on editorial photoshoots for magazines such as Vogue and i-D, as well as brand campaigns such as Balenciaga and Dior. Working in the fashion industry, I loved being surrounded by people who were eager to explore and play with different ideas to communicate a concept or story.

When I stumbled across product design, I became fascinated that a profession in the creative industry could also be so research driven and multi-dimensional. I finally felt that all my skills and values could be utilized without having to sacrifice one for the other. I had found my ikigai, my reason for being, and that was to use my creativity in service of others.

My degree in psychology allows me to get in the mind of the user to predict expectations, needs, and reactions. My experience conducting research on climate change helps me when I’m conducting user interviews and synthesizing information. My experience in the fashion industry taught me how to create visual designs for specific clients and brands.

I’m eager to work with clients or companies that drive culture and bring meaning into people’s lives. Designing with purpose, I use my visual design, research, and writing skills to build thoughtful and authentic digital experiences.